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For the veterans of the Negro Leagues and their family members, however, such documentation has long been difficult, if not impossible, to come by."Over 95 percent of the history of Negro League baseball had been unrecorded and undocumented," Revel says.Perron came to realize something about the players they were asking about.Not only did they not have baseball cards of their own, but, in many cases, no almanac had ever chronicled their playing time and no researcher had ever unearthed their existence. Layton Revel, the executive director of the Center for Negro League Baseball Research.And for that, the 84-year-old Jones has an accomplice to thank.For he would not have had evidence of the extent of his Negro League service time and his pension eligibility if the Center for Negro League Baseball Research's best gumshoe hadn't been assigned to the case.

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And I found a box score from a 1948 Homestead Grays game.

Proof, finally, of a Negro League past of which few were aware.

It was pension money long-deserved and newly claimed, decades after Jones suited up for the Cleveland Buckeyes, Homestead Grays and Memphis Red Sox.

What started as a typical conversation we have with the school students interested in writing a paper became watching someone grow and develop over the years into a top-line researcher." Perron began to search for rosters and archived newspaper articles about Negro League teams from the 1940s, '50s and '60s.

When he'd come across a name he didn't recognize, he'd try to hunt down contact information.

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