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And teens get some reinforcement for that when lewd celebrity pictures and videos go mainstream and the consequences are greater fame and reality TV shows, not ruined careers or humiliation.It's hard to know exactly how common sexting is among teens.It could be seen by lots of people, and it could be impossible to erase from the Internet, even after your teen thinks it has been deleted.Any sort of photo, video, or message that shows someone doing or saying something embarrassing or offensive can be damaging to a reputation.

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Teens' decision-making skills, judgment, and ideas about privacy are still being formed.

But one thing is clear: Sexting is relatively common among teens.

Teens should understand that messages, pictures, or videos sent via the Internet or smartphones are never truly private or anonymous.

Even worse, it could damage your teen's self-image and possibly lead to depression and other mental health issues.

And don't overlook the potential for legal consequences.

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