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Apperance and what you have (or can appear to have) matters more than most cities. I am a 28 year old single female moving from NY to Dallas.

I looked on a couple of online dating sites and in Dallas there do not seem to be many people on active on these sites. ) Thanks for answering Everyone is paired off at birth and marry upon graduation from SMU.

Dallas has a lot of churches and you'll encounter a lot of Christian values but no one is going to have a problem with your religion, as obviously you don't yourself.

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In NY online dating is pretty much the only way to date.

You just have to realize that you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince!

Dating in Dallas is similar to dating in LA and less like dating in Chicago or New York.

Online dating is pretty big in Dallas too, in fact, that is how I met my wife.

A little trick to use on (hopefully, I can say it) and other dating sites.

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