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We must understand their needs and address them in a manner that will support this populations development.We understand that people with disabilities have an important contribution to make to all sectors of our society, and we must be inclusive.We knew that from the people we had met on the doorsteps and the amount of time we had spent speaking with people, getting our message out, that we had a lot of support.But, at the same time, we didnt know we would have this many seats. Ms Hall said there was no party consensus on how many seats it would win and some individuals within the PLP actually did predict 24 seats but the final total went beyond expectations, thanks to several candidates winning seats considered to be either marginal or safe OBA constituencies.One example was party organizer Christopher Famous, a union activist who unseated Bob Richards in Devonshire East.We knew he had garnered a lot of support, said Ms Hall. who believed, without a doubt, that he would take this seat and the rest of us were very unsure.He added: We have a strong team, so the burdens of the responsibilities of the union are not always placed on my shoulders.Mr Hayward said of his move into Government: Where I was advocating for policies, I have an opportunity to assist with ensuring that those policies come to light.

Ms Caesar will take on the junior portfolios of tourism, home affairs and economic development, while Mr Campbell will take finance, public works and government reform.I know they will diligently handle all matters put before them in the House of Assembly and they will continue to work in accordance with the guiding principles of fairness and justice.2017. A new portfolio will address Bermudas ageing and increasingly chronically diseased population, the new Junior Minister for Disability Tine Furbert said yesterday.Ms Furbert was speaking after Senators Crystal Caesar, Vance Campbell and Jason Hayward were appointed junior ministers alongside her at a ceremony at Government House.Ms Furbert is the new MP for St Georges South and sat as a senator from November last year until this summers election. Bermuda is still at a place where we need to continue with awareness of disability.Ms Furbert added that building accessibility also needed to be prioritized.

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