Companionship vs dating

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Duh, relationships have always been complex (and sometimes messy) forever. First you meet, then you go on a few dates, then you start to “casually” date, then you exclusively date, then you commit to relationship, then you commit to more serious relationship stuff (like marriage, babies, or mortgages).

It just seems like now, everyone wants a name for their love status. On the flip side, you could meet that rare unicorn who is actually genuine, kind, honest, and gosh darn it, decent enough to pursue a real relationship from the get-go.

Once upon a time, there were two choices when it came to your love life: It’s either you’re single or you’re taken.

A lot has changed since Facebook’s “It’s Complicated” status.

Having the guarantee of constant companionship is an appealing idea to many, and being in a committed relationship provides such an advantage.

Always having someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with and someone to experience life with are all great advantages of being in a committed relationship.

But before jumping into such a big decision, you should certainly think things through.

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Someone that is single has the opportunity to date others and explore their options, which can potentially lead to an eventual committed relationship.

But, being in a relationship can provide the same benefits and give a person someone special to share those experiences with.

Being single allows an individual to have a significant amount of freedom and personal space.

Other times, a beautiful relationship can result from the experience.

But ask yourself one simple question: Is dating my friend worth sacrificing our friendship for good?

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