Who is madisen hill dating

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In a sweet shot he posted on Instagram Friday, Nathan can be seen on bended knee proposing to his ladylove, with a picnic table topped with wine, a convertible Ford Mustang and a picturesque scene in the background. "Okay, so here is my beautiful, 100 year old, vintage dream ring that we picked out together," she captioned the shot.

London also gushed over the proposal, posting several shots of it, including a close-up of her gorgeous ring.

He can speak himself and said that he isn't dating anyone. LOL as if Booboo would date just a random Australian chick? I mean he probably isn't even dating anyone and if he was why couldn't she be Australian!!

my dream would be that i one day i would meet him face to face!!! OMG you guys are fricking hilarious thinking you know him and not trusting what he says! I do not know him and I probably never will as I am not the type to run up to celebrities and scream at them. And it's funny how you think that you know who he is dating. ) And even if you do know him you don't need to speak for him.

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you DUMB NUT you know i really dont think he has a girlfriend. why do you people even want to know if he has a girlfriend. You all say you know him, but the real truth is that you know him from watching him on the television or movie screen. and for those of you who are making up random rumors about him dating different people, stop it.[credit]Paul Archuleta/Film Magic[/credit] Nathan Kress and his long (long, long) time girlfriend, Madisen Hill have officially split after four (!!! hottie Nathan Kress has been quietly dating actress, singer and dancer Madisen Hill since last August, but now he’s revealing his love in a music video!Nathan’s a huge fan of indie rock musician Moi Navarro, so he agreed to star in Moi’s “Superman” music video alongside his gf.Check out his smooch with Madisen in the super cute vid, and tell us what you think of the song!

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