Updating packages in texshop

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Your Moodle will be frozen together with all settings and all the courses, and it can be recovered at any time in the same form.

First stop all server processes like httpd and mysqld, then exit the MAMP program.

In the second step you need to adjust the base address in Moodle.

And in your third step you open the firewall for httpd.

Several versions of the complete install package are available.

You will find versions for Intel based Macs and for older PPC based Macs. The instructions on the download page provide guidance on which version is likely to be most suitable.

The zip archive should be unzipped automatically when the download is complete.In this way you can prepare your Moodle for a presentation or a training lab, and you can distribute it.In various workshops we used Moodle4Mac as a quick server installation for our local network.Of course, all text in the text boxes on the home page and in the two preloaded courses Moodle4Mac About and How to update as they were originally entered ... Just as you installed Moodle4Mac the first time on your computer, you can backup a customized system completely.Because all files and configurations are stored within the directory MAMP, you can easily backup your MAMP directory to an external disk.

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