Updating an ibook

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First, you can get updates to books only from within the i Books app itself.Unlike app updates, which you can obtain either directly on your i OS device or from within i Tunes, Apple doesn’t offer an i Tunes option for updating books, even though you can buy books from the i Bookstore in i Tunes.Second, and most importantly for us at Take Control Books, the vast majority of books in the i Bookstore are not eligible to be updated in this manner.Adam Engst, who submits Take Control books to Apple and so has been doomed to the Tantalean hell of working with the i Bookstore, reports that the only kinds of books that can be updated are books created by i Books Author and books that use the EPUB3 format.The selection of available books varies by country.• Downloading content from i Books or i Cloud requires an Apple ID and Internet access.• Adding books and PDFs from outside the i Books Store to i Books requires they be DRM-free.• Some PDF documents may not be compatible with i Books.To check for Mac software updates, open the App Store app on your Mac.At the top of screen a new button appears: Updates.Finally, tap that Updates button and you see a list of books that have updates available with a brief description of what each update includes.

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At the time we weren’t quite sure how it would work (and, in fact, the i Bookstore back end wasn’t updated to match for a few weeks after i Books 3 appeared), but we have now seen the process in action.

Updating books you have downloaded from the i Books Store is just as easy, but not necessarily as obvious. Right now, there is no red circle notifications on the i Books app to tell you that books you have downloaded are in need of an update.

Hopefully that will change in a future i OS update, but for now, the only way to see if any of your books have been updated is to open the i Books app and look for a number next to the Store button in the top left hand corner, (see image below).

So, if you have a growing collection of texts from the i Books Store, try to make time every so often to check in for any updates that the author has pushed out for your favorite reads!

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