Tim droege dating

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I said to my friend, “I look like Chloë Sevigny.”“Who’s that? ” And then a few weeks later, I saw a desperate post-9/11 ad from the city of New York that sounded something like, “Hi, I’m Nathan Lane! We have Shubert Alley and Susan Stroman and Sbarro! ”So I put up a monologue in which Chloë Sevigny was trying to get people to visit her New York and referencing the weirdest, most elitist, awesome, fuck-you kinda places.I mentioned Batcave, Twilo, and Tilda Swinton—yeah, it was that long ago.I tried to explain that that was the joke, but that’s really hard to say without sounding like an asshole.A few weeks later, she was interviewed in Entertainment Weekly, and she talked about meeting me.

This time the focus shifts to Drew Droege’s Danton, who thinks he dealing with getting a little bit older as a gay man in an age obsessed world – even if he’s not going to reveal his actual age.

Over a few months, they became an Internet hit, and I’m truly still in shock.

For years, I’d pitched Chloë to comedy shows and networks and producers, only to be told that no one would get it.

My Chloë is as if you took all of that and threw it in a blender with some anime, crystal meth, and Goodwill.

As the real Chloë Sevigny began to become more famous, more subdued, more Old Hollywood glam, I decided to keep my Chloë in the world of Fischer Spooner, microdots, and Natasha Lyonne.

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