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Greatest Moment: Rushing through the Paris night, The Kills on the stereo.

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On-set he couldnt be tamed by George Stevens, yet he electrified the screen. Greatest Moment: Covered in oil and beating up Rock Hudson.

Also See: Jim Stark ( The shallow ones remember her breasts, very much on display during the pivotal sex scene between her widowed waitress and Billy Bob Thorntons bigoted former death row prison guard who presided over her husbands execution.

After years of slog playing sexy sidekicks, Berry was finally given the chance to prove she could act, delivering a raw, fierce, flinty performance of unbridled honesty.

But Klaus daughter had what her director wanted: the sense of a woman trapped by image.

I felt she was waiting to show the other side of that image, Wenders reckoned. Despite not appearing in the film until its close, Kinski intuitively grasped the role of a woman playing a role, her meeting with Travis revealing in guarded increments degrees of vulnerability, strength and recognition.

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