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Bone marrow and dental pulp MSC are localized to the perivascular region in their respective tissues supporting their pericyte or SMC identity (Shi and Gronthos, 2003).Adipose tissue MSC are also derived from the stromal vascular fraction (Zuk , 2001).In most studies, MSC were obtained non-selectively by attachment to plastic culture dishes and subsequent expansion in culture.However, since the properties of MSCs may be altered by culture conditions (Boquest , 2005), there is currently a major research effort to identify specific MSC markers for their prospective isolation.However, there is no consensus on the best method to prospectively isolate MSC from the various source tissues.For future tissue engineering purposes, highly purified populations of fresh MSC will be required. Another issue regarding MSC concerns their identity.Each month, the upper two-thirds that forms the functionalis layer is shed at menstruation and regenerates from the remaining basalis layer under the control of fluctuating plasma sex steroid hormone levels (Padykula, 1991).

We have previously identified a small population of colony-forming endometrial stromal cells which we hypothesize are mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).A thin layer of myometrium at the endometrial–myometrial interface was also removed and partially digested to dislodge any remaining endometrial tissue, but not the myometrium.Purified single stromal cell suspensions were obtained by negative selection using magnetic Dynabeads (Dynal Biotech, Oslo, Norway) coated with specific antibodies to remove epithelial cells (Ber EP4) and leukocytes (CD45) (Chan (10 µg/ml) (both, Becton Dickinson, Bedford, MA, USA).This study used 13 proliferative and 4 secretory phase samples.Endometrial tissue including basalis was scraped off the underlying myometrium and dissociated to single cells using enzymatic and mechanical digestion as previously described (Chan , 2004).

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