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It used to be that you’d retire, and if you were in good shape, you’d live another 10 years.All your retirement plans were built on that assumption and another one: that if necessary, your grown children would take care of you.This means that many of us are able to send money for our grandchildren’s education, medical bills and day care.As a generation we’re deeply embedded in their lives.I’m talking about you, Mick, and you, Keith, still out on tour—in your torn jeans and ponytails—blasting our eardrums. are not going quietly into the pop culture twilight.” Same for all the action-hero sexagenarians like Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford and I’ll-be-back Arnold, still jumping off tall buildings and crushing the bad guys.The New York Times said, “The rock ’n’ roll dinosaurs . Another reason so many grandparents are still on the job is simply because they need the money and health benefits.

For one thing, they’re going to live a lot longer, most of us for another 20 to 30 years. That could be because about a third of the baby boomers are college graduates who became professionals and white-collar workers.

Being a working mother means toggling between both seats of a seesaw, always compensating for the weight of work on one side and the responsibility of a child on the other.

It takes constant managing, straddling, offsetting. As a working grandmother you have to deal with the same search for the balance-of-life sweet spot you did as a mother.

Most 60- and 70-year-olds have more money than 40- and 50-year-olds, which is something we haven’t seen before. The mean household income of boomer grandparents is about ,000, while their offspring’s is 9 percent lower. Consider this: If you retire at 62, your Social Security benefit will be less than ,000 a year; wait until you’re 70, and it jumps to ,000. No wonder so many keep working, especially when they’re spending more than they ever planned to caring for their own aging parents (more and more of whom are living into their 90s) and at the same time helping support their children and grandchildren. The hitch to grandparents’ working is that they don’t get to see their grandchildren enough.

We’re continuing to contend with the same work-life balance issues we used to, and our daughters do now.

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