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To this day, his close affiliation with the organization continues.

Mc Dowell's full-time ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ began with his appointment as a campus speaker in Latin America, where he interacted with both Marxist and Fascist student groups.

The ministry employs a staff of 75 people with affiliate offices located throughout the country.In More Than A Carpenter he blended historical argument with legal arguments concerning the direct witness and circumstantial evidences for Jesus' life and resurrection.He employed a similar line of argument in his debate titled 'Was Christ crucified?He initially intended to pursue legal studies culminating in a political career, and began preparatory studies at Kellogg Community College, a two-year junior college in Battle Creek, Michigan.According to Mc Dowell, he was an agnostic at college when he decided to prepare a paper that would examine the historical evidence of the Christian faith in order to disprove it.

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