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Malay daily Harian Metro said the camp was organised by the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM).

APM said it is suspending all such boot camps for students to investigate whether this one had violated the standard operating procedures (SOP).

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“Whoever the organisers are for this camp, they should be booted out and the camp closed until certain safety standards are adhered to.“The parents should also confront the principals for endangering the children’s lives. “This is a primary school, not a National Service stint,” she said, reminding that kids, too, have dignity.Azimah suspected that this camp may have been organised by a third party and was hired by the school.SHAH ALAM, Malaysia -- A Malaysian judge and court officials wore face masks and surgical gloves in court Wednesday as samples were admitted as evidence of where VX nerve agent was found on the body and clothing of the accused of smearing the banned nerve agent on Kim Jong Nam at a Malaysian airport, government pathologist Mohamad Shah Mahmood said tests detected VX, as well as VX precursors and VX byproducts, in Kim's eyes, on his face, in his blood and urine, and on his clothing.Prosecutors and defense lawyers then took a 20-minute break to examine the samples, which were sealed in transparent plastic bags.

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