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Koral: Of course I'm inclined to say "every release!

", but the Ill Itches 7-inch was extremely fun to work on.

He's a sweet kid, genuinely, that you want him to succeed.

Koral is lanky, smart, and just a touch sardonic (which is a biological imperative, as the dude is 16).

But who cares anyway, everybody believe they’re sexy lebanese girls! S: I will be updating you on the result of this experiment.

Granted, not a lot of 16-year-olds have already spent years writing about music (he used to have his own column in Metro Times and none other than Kim Fowley referred to him as something like ""the Cameron Crowe of Detroit") and running their own record label from their parents' basement.

But if that were all there were to the story, it probably wouldn't get so far.

I'm not one of those people who brags about everything, so I didn't really tell many of my classmates, either.

MT: Do you think you could have gotten anywhere near where you are if you were not in the Detroit area? I started off the label to release a 7-inch by Greg Beyer's group After Dark Amusement Park, so I don't think I would've ever thought the idea was feasible if I wasn't in Detroit, let alone even think of running an independent label.

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