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) to ask them to investigate this company (as it seems they are scamming people using many different sites) and shut them down and hopefully send these thieves to prison.

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Also, although at joining this website I've received a welcoming email from the owner of website, he did not respond to me after questioning him the second time of how the website works and why no one emails you, ever. Interesting, I could count on waking up every morning to 2 emails from men on MM, then a couple more in the afternoon, then 2-3 more in the evening..soon as you're a member, whether free or paying, it all stops. I DID do a search at the BBB before I paid for my first (and only paid) membership and didn't find anything negative on meetingmillionaires. I truly do believe that all of us with complaints better go to the BBB immediately and file complaints and also contact a National news channel (NBC Nightly News perhaps?I am attractive inside and out which is more than I can say for you ... "ugly on the inside" I think that should be your user name ... My profile summary was simply a cut and paste from two newspaper articles that make no sense. Why am I getting 6 emails a day from porn star looking women in the USA when I did not even include a photo? But every move of that alfresco encounter was recorded by a surveillance team of reporters and photographers from one of America's biggest-selling tabloid least if we are "ugly" on the outside we can get that fixed ... It was a scoop - the first example of what we now know to be a pattern of infidelity on Tiger's part.The article addresses the first issue head-on and points to the general belief of the public that "tipping is a personal matter that should be left to passengers." Many critics of mandatory/automatic gratuities say that a gratuity must be earned; if the guest receives excellent service, they will tip well (sometimes more than the recommended amount), but if the guest believes the service is bad, they will pay a lower amount or perhaps nothing at all.But many crew members such as waiters or cabin attendants do not receive any salary at all.

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