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Very rarely do I feel like I make a significant amount of money over what any other feature showgirl might make. It satisfies a lot of different parts of me and is far more empowering than it is exploitative for me.It's an outlet from working a 9-to-5 day job for the last 10 years.Back in college, I got dragged to an amateur night at a local strip club in the most classic scenario you could imagine of two broke college girls trying to earn some extra money.

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The thrill of a strip club where I can do all my burlesque acts and more.Within a year of beginning, I signed myself up for a big competition where I was up against girls who had been doing this for years -- including the top feature in the industry at the time.I just dove right in, put myself next to the best, and did my shows the way they did.Burlesque had all of that, plus any kind of girl could do it.I saw a super-tall girl, a very curvy girl, and really no kind of women I thought I would see on stage in a show like that.

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