Liveupdate not updating client defs a good dating relationship

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In today’s patch-or-die world, online updates are fast becoming an industry standard.

Most major hardware and software players, including vendors of virus and spyware scanners, offer this technology.

The article doesn't tell you to restart the virus client service or reboot.

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liveupdate not updating client defs-12

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To enable Live Update for any user, start a registry editor that lets you change the permission mask on registry entries.

When a user has Full Control on antivirus registry keys and directories, malware running in the context of the user can delete the keys and directories, possibly disabling the scanner.

After experimenting, I determined that Live Update will run without Full Control (Symantec, please address this in your documentation).

If the entry Enable All Users is not present in the right-hand pane, create it, give it a data type of REG_DWORD, and a value of 1.

If you want to make this change on multiple systems, you can use a registry script.

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