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This is because inverted poses such as headstands or shoulder stands — or even downward facing dog (where you’re on all fours, head down, bottom up rather like an inverted V), causes pressure in the eye.‘I would advise anyone who has a pre-existing problem such as eye, back, hip, neck, wrist or bone problems to book a one-to-one session with a yoga teacher before they go into a class,’ says Nahid de Belgeonne, from yoga studio Good Vibes in London.Some types of yoga might be more likely to cause problems than others.There’s been a steady flow of studies that have found it to be beneficial for a whole host of complaints.Indeed, scientists seem increasingly drawn to yoga.Excessive levels of cytokines can negatively affect immunity, are associated with mood disorders such as depression, trigger pain, allergies and asthma — and are being linked to the development of many diseases of ageing, such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.Other positive effects shown to be caused by yoga, which might play a role in its healing ability, include increasing levels of the mood-boosting brain chemical serotonin.So far this year, studies have linked it with reduced symptoms of depression, ulcerative colitis, painful periods and PMT, and pain caused by fibromyalgia.

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In short bursts, released at the right time, cytokines protect the body, but over long periods or in too high levels they turn against us.

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A 2015 study by the American Council on Exercise found that Bikram increased core temperature to an average of 39.5c degrees for men and 38.9c for women (normal core temperature is 37c) and while none of the fit, healthy subjects in the trial suffered ill effects, 40c is the point at which people start to show symptoms of heat intolerance (a precursor to heat stroke, where the body can no longer cool itself effectively).

Researchers suggested those with cardiovascular disease and diabetes should stick to yoga in non-heated rooms. yoga goers (published in the International Journal of Yoga) found only 1 per cent had suffered an injury serious enough to stop them doing yoga.

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