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Jill the Ripper seems unlikely given that such extreme violence has almost always been perpetrated by men.But only 15 years before the Whitechapel Murders, Mary Ann Cotton had been executed in Durham Gaol.The recent influx of Jews to Britain, fleeing oppression in Eastern Europe, combined with the undercurrent of anti-Semitism in Britain to foster the belief among many that a Jew was the killer.

The Revd Lord Sidney Godolphin Osborne, an earnest, evangelical paternalist, wrote a series of letters to during the period of the murders.Other suspects have included school teacher Montague Druitt, whose body was fished from the Thames shortly after the last murder; Aaron Kosminski, a Polish hairdresser; and Michael Ostrog, a mad Russian doctor.Another doctor, Thomas Neill Cream, has also been accused.Kelly was savagely mutilated and body parts and internal organs were left on a table beside the bed.Other killings were linked with Jack the Ripper – both at the time and in later years – but these five murders are now generally acknowledged as the sum total of his grisly work.

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