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I only ever remember being served by one gentleman; he was of slim build, always neatly dressed in a smart suit, and very pleasant in manner.

Nothing was too much trouble for him in locating that obscure disc for his customers.

Bonfire nights were great, all the weeks of collecting 'plunder' and storing it in one of the washhouses, we must have had the best night in the street because when the shop closed Mrs. Over the weeks I had quite a collection and decided I would feed the pigeons with 'my' corn so when they landed I threw the corn over the wall and watched the birds scoffing while Mr. My dad explained to me that the birds had been racing and they couldn't be 'clocked' until they returned to the loft. My Father was Lionel (Len) Wilkinson, he was the Manager of the Carbon Dioxide Garage in Parker Street, our House was next to the garage.

We moved from 33 Clark Street, to 2/54, I remember Grimleys when I was a lad; I also remember Wynns chip shop. Sheila Rushworth, nee Bromley - Ken Adams is the name whose father kept greyhounds, also you have mentioned Alan Hinton, both are on my school photo under Osler Street, 1953 class 2a, they went through infant's to seniors leaving in December 1955, with myself and both were mates, also John Hubbard was in my junior class, I lived in Freeth Street in those days, hope this helps.She was very kind to all the children, she had a big greyhound called Cream, that used to take me for a walk, I know it should have been the other way round, but he was a greyhound and he had to be in the front.My wife and I stay at the Plough & Harrow Hotel, Hagley Road, when we come to concerts in Birmingham, I still get a buzz when I visit the area, but that comes from living and playing with friends and knowing there family's in the fifties, when times were not always easy, but you were surrounded by genuine people, the salt of the earth as they say.I cannot say if that gentlemans name was Clifford or Bert, but he did offer a good service.I believe the little shop narrowly missed being bombed during the war.

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