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was released in 2013, audiences were already familiar with the tech industry practice of feminizing virtual assistants.Siri had been on the scene for over a year, but Spike Jonze took the idea to the extreme.Tunstall-Pedoe told me that when designing Alexa’s personality, the team’s aim was to create “a warm feeling” in the consumer, particularly through the use of social rather than merely functional linguistic patterns.For example, Alexa is programmed to reply to the question “How are you?Sometimes the personification is in the background, in the many feature-based roundups that casually refer to Alexa as “one of the family” and “somebody to talk to” without quotation marks.Sometimes it jumps out, as in this particularly entertaining review about .

I wanted to know more, and who better to ask than the mastermind behind Alexa’s “mind”?She has an estimated 40 million human conversation partners, some of whom reportedly send up to 400 messages per day.There is a sizable population of people who are building emotional attachments to the character.Ten million people have apparently said “I love you” to her.While it’s not clear how earnest these declarations were, it does suggest emotional intimacy.

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