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“You have nothing to lose, you are guaranteed a good time,” he said.He works in trades, primarily with men, so having an organized event where he can meet women works great for him.“They can come back as many times as they like, but hopefully they find someone,” Brunet said.If you do decide to meet someone, use your street smarts.Meet in a public area and don't tell them where you live.Investigate whether you have the option to opt out. You get a much better response having a photograph online and websites suggest having action shots.

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Brunet said everyone receives a dating card and a set of questions.Pick something she actually wrote about on her profile to compliment her on." - Anna Jorgensen, Wingmam"When sending an intro message, it has to be more than "hey" or "hello". Read their profile and pick up on an interest of theirs and ask a question about it." - Terran Shea, Mutual Match"A man with a plan is sexy.Ask if she is free on specific days and have a location and a time." - Shannon Tebb, Shanny In the City On choosing winning photos"You should have a minimum of three photos, but five is best.If any daters share a mutual interest, she sends an email with their contact information. In the future, Brunet plans on organizing events around specific interests or groups, such religious faith and professionals.“It’s very effective and efficient,” Brunet said.“They have about 10 dates for five minutes each — they will know right away whether or not they are interested in that person.”For Dan Lamoureux, 39, he found the opportunity to meet people in a different way far more appealing than the online dating scene.

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