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It’s a question I get asked a lot – so I wrote this article as a ‘band-aid’ to get rid of the worst of the symptoms right away.It’s important to note that if you really want him to stop pulling away forever, you need more powerful advice.Plus, men are so used to being pursued when they’re trying to gain perspective that he’s going to be shocked you’re giving him the space he wants.He’ll realize that you’re different from most other women he’s dated, in a good way, and that will make him think of you more and more as a long term partner he wants to commit to.

Have stories of a guy becoming distant and then coming back?

The CEO of Ok Cupid Elie Seidman recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal about his first year in charge of the Match Group product.

Seidman talks about how he wanted to recognise the core of the Ok Cupid brand and build on that, a core he describes as “making connections based on substance and who people actually are”.

For example: don’t attack him with questions like “Where have you been? ” Instead of giving him something negative and aggressive to associate with you, make sure that when he’s with you or talking to you, he feels fun, positive energy from you.

Plus, if you don’t lash out with anger or blame, he’ll see that you’re in control of your emotions and that you’re not living and dying with everything he does or doesn’t do – and that will make him want you even more.

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