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Since the evidence indicates that Brd U might affect the studied cell population, when its use as a birth-date marker was established, much attention was given to its dosage and the frequency of exposure, in order to minimize toxicity and avoid misleading results (e.g., [10, 11, 22–27]).In adult mammals, a dose of 50 mg/kg given daily for up to 12 days and doses of up to 300 mg/kg did not cause adverse physiological effects or toxic effects in dividing cells in the dentate gyrus [11, 28].In vivo, it has been used to identify the “birthdate” of cells during development, to examine the fate of postnatally generated cells, and to label cells before transplantation, for subsequent identification.Cell proliferation can be measured with the thymidine analog Brd U (5-bromo-2’-deoxyuridine) following its incorporation into newly synthesized DNA and its subsequent detection with an anti-Brd U antibody.Instead, Brd U dosage in avian research is similar to that used in fetal mammals, because of the similar high metabolic rates of the two groups.

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Accordingly, we examined whether Brd U might alter neurogenesis in the adult avian brain.

We compared recruitment of [ neuronal nucleus and their distribution were similar across groups. The results indicate that the commonly used dosage of Brd U in birds has no long-term effects on subsequent cell divisions and neuronal recruitment.

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