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The young starlet always had a curious nature and decided to pursue a career in journalism.

While attending the world renown University of Missouri School of Journalism, Paffrath completed an internship at Entertainment Tonight in Los Angeles alongside TV veterans Mark Steines and Mary Hart under the leadership of Executive Producer and fellow Mizzou alumni, Linda Bell Blue.

I go back and forth between the turkey variety and the real deal, though I make sure its nitrate-free.

For lunch, I’ll make a big salad with lots of veggies, and maybe chicken or turkey for protein.

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As one of the seven kids, Paffrath had to find a way to stand out and did so by performing plays at school.

After earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2005, she made her long anticipated move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream.

Her Midwestern magnetism helped her to immediately land two on-air reporting jobs at Direct TV for In the Mix and Created by You.

I also eat at Tender Greens a few times a week, since its close to work. I also can’t get enough of the rock shrimp tempura at Izakaya on 3rd. It sounds silly, but its important for me to feel stylish, even when I’m working out. I don’t hold myself to anyones standards but my own. When I got back, I got down to business and got back into my routine.

I love their soups, kale salad and side of veggies. I try my best to avoid carbs and sugar, so when I indulge, it’s usually one of those. For dessert, my favorite indulgence is the Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich at Carmela. It took a few weeks, but I was patient and gentle with myself and was back to my trim bod in no time.

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