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Let's all help our sisters worldwide to stand tall and know, they can and they will recover, survive and thrive, to live the life they deserve.To all the sisters who reached out and held my hand in whatever way you could, who cried my tears with me, and laughter my laughter too, I thank every one of you. Tired of all the drama, tired of not being good enough, tired of life.As long as you don’t send money to a girl that you have never met in person, you don’t have to worry about scammers at all.There are plenty of girls who just want to find a boyfriend or husband who takes care of them and who loves them the way they are.In the same way as you will look through a lot of profile pictures of women, they will look at a lot of pictures of men.Who do you think she will contact when she has the choice between a photo that is just okay and a photo from a professional photographer?the whole world (versus, say, the city we live in) will, increasingly, feel like the market for our partner(s).

If you really want to find that special someone you shouldn’t waste another second of your life.

People expect to—and this will be increasingly the case over time—access people anywhere, anytime, based on complex search requests …

Such a feeling of access affects our pursuit of love …

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“Taken from the dedication in my debut novel Exactly 23 days. For women everywhere: When you know you are finally mended, spread the word, hold out your hand, share some love from your heart and some laughter from your soul and be there for a new member of the sisterhood who needs your help.

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