Accommodating approach

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Sometimes a group conflict can be resolved through majority rule.

That is, group members take a vote, and the idea with the most votes is the one that gets implemented.

It is often staff working in student residences who are the first to pick up on students’ signs of distress or mental health difficulties.

By supporting accommodation staff to take action, both strategically and on the ground, the mental health of the university community could be significantly improved.

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The “enemy” need not be another company—it could be a concept, such as a recession, that unites previously warring departments to save jobs during a downturn.

Why can’t you ever trust my judgment and honor my request?

” Tom counters, “You’re always choosing the newest, leading-edge parts—they’re hard to find and expensive to purchase.

Students’ wellbeing is greatly affected by their environment and the conditions they live in.

Accommodation is therefore a significant part of a student’s experience whilst at university.

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