A business model definition validating opportunities opened by online dating sites for under 18

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We call this the “corporate immune system.” If you try to transform your business model or pursue a new one in parallel, the corporate immune system reacts allergically.

At times, a business model innovation – regardless of its economic viability – may be rejected because it doesn’t fit the current corporate mold.

Business model innovation is a real challenge for larger organizations because they generally have one or more viable models and are therefore focused primarily on economies of scale for them.

SAP’s Business Model Innovation (BMI) team, headed by von Riegen, is a cross-board initiative whose sole mission is to pursue the right business models faster.“The BMI team is and has been a great partner from the start,” notes Florian.“It has provided us with a lean framework for corporate entrepreneurship as well as great guidance and support for business model validation and all commercialization aspects.” Claus von Riegen understands the opportunities and challenges of innovating from within.All the more important that established companies redouble their efforts to renew themselves by nurturing the entrepreneurial ideas of their employees.But so-called “intrapreneurship” programs have their own challenges, because the corporate machine is very efficient at filtering out initiatives that don’t fit the mold, or don’t reap the high margins referred to by Clayton Christensen, above.

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